The Institut de Genech has several vegetable crops and practices floriculture thanks to its greenhouses. It even has a special collector’s greenhouse for the recognition of plants as well as an orchard and nursery.


Market gardening


It is the horticultural activity the most developed in our region with hundreds of producers. Productions and areas are diversified. The Institut de Genech has new greenhouses of 3,000 m² which allow to produce strawberries and various other vegetables such as tomatoes, salads, carrots, peppers, egg plants and so on.




At the heart of the school, a complex of greenhouses has been built and it is renovated regularly to allow pupils to discover the different facets of horticulture. From secondary school up to higher education, there are numerous pupils or students coming to these greenhouses to learn how to work with as well as the different techniques used.


The tropical greenhouse


The tropical – or collector’s – greenhouse is used by pupils and students to preserve numerous exotic plants. It is a funny way to learn how to recognize plants.


Some figures


  • 1,500 m² of greenhouses for plants crops or floriculture
  • 650 m² of collector’s greenhouse
  • 200 m² of multiplication greenhouses
  • 3,000 m² of market gardening greenhouses
  • 3 tons of strawberries
  • 100,000 organic leeks
  • 85,000 plants in pots
  • 3,000 chrysanthemums