Our boarding school is an actual life-place for our students and pupils. They have time to study and to hang out with their friends, our boarding school is also a way to success and integration. It is deeply appreciated by our students and pupils. Actually, at 6 p.m., with more than 1,000 boarders, it is a second day which begins at the Institut de Genech…


After classes…


After classes, our pupils and students directly go with their educators and organizers. The youngest have to study in special silent rooms and can benefit from tutoring. From year 12, they can study in their room. If needed, there are working group classrooms, library, and computer rooms available to deal with their homework in depth.


Each week, there are 8 period of times dedicated to studying. Pupils and students have the possibility to participate in three activities a week. Each Monday, the boarders can choose a special activity:


  • Sports (football, volleyball, handball, climbing wall, basketball…)
  • Horse-riding
  • Dance (rock)
  • Drama
  • Improvisation
  • Music
  • Educational farm (take care of animals)
  • Special activities such as bowling, cinema, theater…
  • Special parties for big events (Christmas, prom, end of the year…)


Each year, the Boarding School Challenge is organized and the pupils and students, in teams, face up to each other during sports contests, cultural contests and so on.


… Until sleeping!


Depending on their age, the young can have a collective bedroom, a double one or a single one.


  • Year 9 & 10 ; NVQ 1st year : bedrooms with 3 to 4 beds
  • Year 11 & 12 : double bedroom
  • Final year A level student : single bedroom
  • HND : double or single bedroom


Some figures


  • 1,000 boarders
  • 14 educators for the boarding school
  • 9 au pair students
  • 3 socio-cultural organizers