The school administration office


One of our strengths is our school administration office and our boarding school. More than 50 professionals are working everyday with our students and pupils. The objective is to help them being blooming personally and professionally. It is not only about supervising them but to help them being mature and autonomous.


Here are the missions of our school administration office:


  • Listening: Educators listen and help pupils in their day-to-day life.


  • Pedagogic support: Educators act like point of reference for the pupils every day. They welcome them, they help them and make sure they are disciplined.


  • Tutoring: Group work, support, individualized attention, homework assistance…


  • Health and citizenship: We also want to make our students and pupils aware of what’s going on in our world. We organize meetings and conferences with external professionals about current topics such as road safety, solidarity, citizenship, sustainable development and so on.


  • Animation: The social, cultural and sports animation has several objectives. First to relax and favor open-mindedness through activities such as going to the cinema, theater, bowling, to learn how to dance rock or to practice football, rugby, and handball and so on. Students also have the possibility to go to our socio-cultural center, to participate in the redaction of our newspaper or in the radio of our high school.



Rights and obligations


To be able to live decently with each other, each pupil or student have to respect the rules of our school. They are based on our catholic values and aimed at everyone. They learn how to live together.