During their training, students need to have access to information: technical information linked to their future job or just to follow the news and discover the world.


A team to welcome the students


  • To learn how to look for information thanks to internet
  • To guide and to advise
  • To offer several kind of books, comics, mangas, novels, newspapers, magazines to relax or to work
  • To facilitate the access to digital resources: websites, online press, DVROM, data bases…


The school library of Genech (CDI)


It is a place where you can learn, get informed, develop your cultural awareness… Each pupil can find there school books, encyclopedias, videos and so on. You can work in the school library per group or individually. Groups of pupils organize regularly exhibitions about current topics. The participation in different challenges is also possible.


The resource center of Lesquin (CDR)


It is composed of various multimedia classrooms opened to trainees. It is also a place of cultural openness and a place of great conviviality.


Some figures:


  • 36 seats
  • 20 computers
  • 6,400 loans per year
  • 87 subscriptions for general or specialized magazines
  • 6,950 documentary books
  • 2,120 books such as novels, comics, mangas
  • 262 DVDs
  • 3 literary prizes