Erasmus program 2014-2020


The Institut de Genech is a member of the Erasmus program 2014-2020, which means that:


  • It has the possibility to give each student a chance to have an experience abroad – a cultural or linguistic one – or to experience an internship until one year. A final year internship could be now experienced in a European country under the supervision of a French teacher and a foreign partner.


  • It can send students preparing a technological or professional baccalaureate abroad (same conditions than students).


  • European partners networks to select and supervise internship and to develop exchanges between teachers, students and the business world.


  • Partnerships for student exchanges projects.


  • The students and teachers have the possibility to deal with their foreign partners, to know better their culture and to get trained abroad.


European Credit System Transfer for students


The Institut de Genech established a system of European Credit Transfer for HND students. This favors entering and exiting mobility. Our school has already built strong relationships with some other European schools in higher education and is about to make extra exchanges concrete very soon.


The Erasmus Charter


  • To improve teachers and students’ knowledge and competences in professional, cultural and linguistic areas
  • To strengthen links between professional, working world, students and teachers
  • To support creativity and innovation at any level, promoting the acquisition of transversal knowledge
  • To favor social integration, open-mindedness, self-confidence: to be tolerant and accept differences as well as new ideas
  • To favor students’ employability
  • To be actual “European citizens”
  • To pay for the European and international mobility program
  • To improve our organizational and strategical structure
  • To be part of the European education frame