For whom?


Pupils studying in our secondary school benefit from this educational tool. During practical works or special animations at night, they learn how to take care of the animals from our farm (litter, food, various treatments) and how to deal with their environment.


For some pupils, it is a first approach with the animal world. Most of them discover something they really like and consequently they acquire quicker practical knowledge. Thanks to the pet shop, the students preparing a diploma of technician in advice and sales learn how to manage a specialized shop.


The educational farm welcomes you!


With more than 1,500 people a year, the educational farm is an amazing way of teaching. Indeed, the Institut de Genech welcomes external groups to discover the world of nature and its living creatures. In our school, no one is surprised to see a group of very young children rambling in a train pulled by a tractor. They all come to discover the farm and areas of production, in a way adapted to their level or their age.


Some figures:


  • 100 different animals (geese, ducks, hens, sheep, pigs, rabbits, horses…)
  • 1,500 pupils from elementary schools discover them as well as the different activities linked to the farm
  • 40 group visits per year