Who are we?


120 years of History as a heritage


Created in 1894 by professionals of the rural world, the Institut de Genech provides general, professional and technological education. It is a private school which offers diversified training courses and delivers diplomas that will allow you to have a job related to nature, environment and living things.


It is situated in the north of France, especially in the region called “Pévèle”, close to Lille. Our school has its own farms and tools: mixed farming, livestock farming (80 hectares), horticultural farming, garden center, orchards, educational farm, pet shop, equestrian farm, producers’ shop…


To guarantee its students’ success, the Institut de Genech offers educational methods with professional intervention, various projects, study cases, international exchanges, internships, construction sites at school… To be able to do this, we have specific tools available such as laboratories for biology, physics, chemistry and physiology, computer rooms, multimedia equipment, a laboratory dedicated to the in-vitro research and experimentation.


Finally, to ensure the well-being of our pupils, we offer them a pleasant atmosphere with welcoming places such as a cultural center, a library, a chaplaincy, a sports center, a boarding school, various after-school activities and so on.


The strength of a group


Our school is composed of two entities: one in GENECH and the other in LESQUIN. The Genech Group is made up of a secondary school, a high school (technological, professional and general education), training courses in higher education, a regional vocational college, a block-release training center (GENECH Formation) and a training center dedicated to businesses (GENECH Conseil).


Our school offers more than 80 different training courses linked to biotechnology, agri-food laboratory, supply, sales in pet shops, gardening and food, floristry, landscaping, environment preservation, animal, vegetal or horticultural productions and people care in rural areas.


Focus on the regional vocational college


Our regional vocational college is first a network of 11 entities situated in the region of the north of France. Traineeship allows young people to get trained in a company while studying. This is a more practical way to study and it will provide the students with professional experience leading to a diploma. It is known to be appreciated by businesses.


Focus on GENECH Conseil


GENECH CONSEIL offers advice, training, audit, planning, internships and meeting services to businesses. The fields in which it intervenes are directly linked to the courses offered in the Institut de Genech.